About Beyond Junk

The Etsy shop Beyond Junk was founded by me, Christine Hart, a crafter and writer looking to spread the word about upcycling and re-purposing. Like many other handmade artists, I started selling on Etsy (my first shop is Sleepless Storyteller's Bits & Baubles) because I became disillusioned with big box retail and mass produced fashion.

But when I started creating to fulfill my personal need for self expression, I discovered what so many contemporary handmade businesspeople already had - this community is growing and thriving! After a few years as a crafter, I decided to share my stash of supplies. I wanted Beyond Junk to be more than just a destash store though; I wanted my supply shop to be the coolest junk drawer that like-minded artists could ever want.

So here at Beyond the Junkpile, I'm blogging about turning trash into treasure and the aesthetic of making funky junk something new and wonderful. I'll be talking about what's in store at Beyond Junk and anything of interest to artists using recycled and sustainable supplies.

Follow this blog for write-ups on steampunk, trashion, geek-chic and much more. Posts include photos and links for watch parts, computer parts, vintage jewellery, vintage toys, upcycled charms, and eco-friendly craft supplies.