Saturday, November 2, 2013

Recycled Polyethylene PE Plastic Chain

Providing recycled chain for customers of Beyond Junk has been a high priority for me since I started the shop back in 2010. As a designer who works with recycled material myself, I see the need for recycled chain to complete pendants, necklaces, bracelet and earrings you've worked hard to create from as much recycled content as possible.

The search has been long and tedious, covering organic cotton cord, vintage and salvaged chain, and the fruitless search for recycled silver chain by the foot.

Today, I'm adding a few listings for recycled Polyethylene (PE) plastic chain, sourced from Linyi Wells Rigging Import & Export Co. Ltd. in China. If enough of you are interested, I can bring in more colours including black, blue, and yellow.

3' Feet of Recycled Small White Plastic Chain

recycled white plastic chain

29" Inches of Recycled Large White Plastic Chain

recycled white plastic chain

27" Inches of Recycled Bubblegum Pink Plastic Chain

recycled pink plastic chain

25" Inches of Recycled Neon Red Plastic Chain

recycled red plastic chain