Friday, August 2, 2013

The Politics of Crafting with Bullets

Hello Junkpile, it's been too long. Again. As tends to happen in the house surrounding the Junkpile, life is busy, busy, busy once again. But since I have a moment to make a post here, I thought it would be fun to share a relevant story from my other business, Sleepless Storyteller.

You may have already seen bullet and bullet cap listings on Beyond Junk. Or perhaps you've read my how-to guide on making them yourself. It won't surprise you to hear that I use my own supplies, and that when it comes to bullets, these little bits of bling can be real conversation starters.

I asked my Sleepless Facebook page how they felt about seeing bullets in jewellery. And the response was surprisingly positive. Read the original here or keep scrolling.

Do you have thoughts on this subject? Post your comment here or head over to Beyond Junk's Facebook page and tell me why you would or wouldn't use bullets in your art.