Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage Metal Flowers & Hand Cut Bullet Cabochons

Most of what I talk about here at Beyond the Junkpile is related to recycling, particularly with craft supplies. But as I employ recycled materials in my own work, I like to talk about my process as a designer too. Today's post was inspired by a question I received about how a particular statement bib was made. If you're curious about any material at Beyond Junk or any design at SleeplessStoryteller, please feel free to ask. Or browse my earlier how-to and tutorial posts.
  1. Salvaged Brass Wire
  2. Hand Cut Bullet Cabochons
  3. Chainmaille Rings
  4. New Chain and Findings
  5. Vintage Brass and Plastic Flowers
  6. Vintage Steel and Copper flowers