Friday, June 1, 2012

Show Me Your Shop

It may not look like much, but my work bench and desk corner or 'office' is one of my favourite places to be. Especially since my hours are limited now to my son's naptimes and weekends when my husband doesn't work. On a rainy day like today, it's even more delightful to tuck into that corner of our basement shop.

Just out of the picture is another larger work bench I share with my husband and brother-in-law. And behind where I stood to take the shot is a wall of tool cabinets full of more tools than I'll ever need. I'm lucky to share a shop with a sheet metal technician and an electrician, especially since they're willing and able to give the odd tutorial when I'm trying a new technique or process. My guys are actually pretty helpful all around. The carpet in my corner, the pony wall behind my chair and the puck lights above my desk were installed just for me!

In other homes we've lived in, I've worked at our kitchen table and a desk in our spare bedroom. I briefly set up shop in a walk in closet in our last house. I've frequently strewn broken computer hardware across our living room coffee table. This shop is officially my favourite.

So that's the rundown on my current workspace, but I'm really interested to hear about your bench, desk, counter, table, or wherever it is your crafty endeavours happen. Is it your favourite place? Is it a work in progress? Do you have what you need to get your work done? Or are you yearning for one more tool or another square foot of tabletop?

Send me a link. Show me a picture. Comment here and tell me all about it.