Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working with Rad Juli

I love adding new textures and colours to the inventory at Beyond Junk. But today's addition is doubly exciting because these supplies come from the uber-talented and lovely Rad Juli.

Her purses, cuffs, and other accessories are popping up on growing numbers of fashion lovers here on the West Coast and beyond. We've done several craft markets together, but even if I didn't know what an awesome lady she is, I'd be loving up her leather creations for their distinctive style and recycled content.

So now that you know where they come from, I hope you'll be excited to find scrap leather in store at Beyond Junk. And don't forget to check out Juli's amazing work, in her Etsy shop and on her web site at

PS: If you've been following my original shop, Sleepless Storyteller, keep an eye out for pea pod leather pendants and miniature purse pendants.

Leather Pea Pods from Sleepless Storyteller