Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hand-cut & Hand-punched Brass Bullet Shells

I recently started working with bullets in my other shop, SleeplessStoryteller's Bits & Baubles. Looking around Etsy and the greater community of handmade artists online, quite a few people are incorporating bullets into jewellery, creating charms, rings, cuff links, earrings and pendants.

Some designs are made from melted bullets, while some artists work with the entire bullet or just the stamped end. So I've started adding these as a supply item for Beyond Junk, and in addition to the first few below, I'll be listing whole casings as well as more variety in calibres and brands. Keep in mind that for both partial and whole pieces, the bullet has been fired and contains no active powder.

I'm really interested to keep learning about the many reasons artists are using bullets and what statements we're making by doing so. Whether you wear them or work with them, I'm sure they'll spark many more conversations.