Wednesday, June 29, 2011

5 Reasons Vintage Stickers are Fun

Most of the supplies at Beyond Junk work best for jewellery, handbags, and mixed media artwork. Do stickers fit in? Not really, but they're hella fun!

One of my favourite things about having an Etsy store is the committee-of-one approach you can take to your mission and the decisions about what goes on your shelves.

So now that 80’s-era Sandylion stickers are here, I've got some fun thoughts on why I love them.
  1. Cool things from childhood make me happy.
  2. Stickers can perk up anything from your computer monitor to your bedroom mirror.
  3. They’re an awesome touch on handwritten letters, greeting cards, or special notes.
  4. Still highly collectible and a great gift with a vintage album.
  5. Perfect for scrapbooking, especially for childhood photos.