Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cool Computer Junk

When I started taking apart computer hardware like hard disk drives and DVD ROMs to make jewellery for SleeplessStoryteller, I quickly started to wonder why so few people were doing it. After all, watch part jewellery has become quite popular, and I think for the same reason. The aesthetic of the mechanical is generally appealing to me, whether those moving parts are new, old, or somewhere in between.

I think one of the elements that makes computer parts different is that many people don't automatically know what they're looking at. If I pull a wheel or gear from a pocket watch, you might not be able to name it with an industry-specific term, but you'd know you're looking at a gear, wheel, plate, or related piece. This general recognition is not necessarily in place for computer parts.

So I'm sharing diagrams and part pictures of what I feel are the most visually interesting computer parts I use for jewellery design. In addition to using these for Sleepless designs, they're also offered as supply items at Beyond Junk.