Saturday, April 16, 2011

Upcycling Vintage Chain

Creating jewellery from recycled material is an excellent way to reuse metal and scrap parts while getting us to think differently about fashion and the possessions we value.

But what about the carbon footprint of the chain, hoops, findings, wire, and any other new materials we use in creating this jewellery? Wouldn't it be better to use 100% recycled material?

When I started offering organic cotton cord, I mentioned how difficult it is to find commercially produced recycled metal chain. Because I am not currently able to make my own recycled metal chain (not in any substantial quantity) I've started looking for sources of vintage chain as an alternative that could still facilite 'greener' recycled jewellery crafting.

Although the search for recycled metal chain continues, I'm excited to add vintage and upcycled chain to the 'shelves' at Beyond Junk.