Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breaking Bad Habits at Beyond Junk

Some of my favourite television shows involve something dark that excellent writers make us love anyway. In Breaking Bad, our hero manufactures a heinous narcotic. Or in the case of Dexter, we have a show that relies on our affection for a serial killer.

But if you're reading this blog, Beyond the Junkpile, you're looking for the scoop on recycled craft supplies. So what makes dark TV relevant? Think of gigantic retailers selling buckets of beads and findings and and charms and scrapbooking kits to the many keen crafters that are joining the ranks of independent artists on Etsy, Artfire, other online marketplaces, or even starting their own shops. Self-sufficiency! Forget the carbon footprint, right? Hmmm.

When I started to focus on using recycled supplies in my own handmade jewellery, I started to lament the purchase of all mass produced items. It was a bad habit I wanted to break. So I started getting all supplies I couldn't find at flea markets and swap meets from other Etsy sellers dealing in recycled goods. But it wasn't enough.

I thought, what about all these little plastic bags? I knew I could buy bags from a craft megastore as well, and it would just be a little bad. But if those nagging little details bother you as much as they bother me, you'll love making the switch to BioZip.

In addition to recycling the small supply bags I already have on hand from other purchases, I'll be shipping recycled computer parts, watch parts, and other recycled items in 2x2 and 3x4 inch biodegradable bags from BioZip.

BioZip bags, photo courtesy of InTheClear

Naturally, I've purchased these from another Etsian, Dana at InTheClear. Whether you're in the market for your own bags, or want to feel a bit better about sustainable and recycled supplies, I high recommend heading over to her store for a quick peek at these clever biodegradable bags.