Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clickable, Flickable, Twistable Parts

A friend was browsing through my store a few weeks ago, and the pieces she picked out immediately were the spinner rings. She loved that the parts still moved. That was my favourite part of each piece too.

I delight in being able to preserve a working button, switch, dial or other moving part from an old hard drive, DVD ROM, computer component or other piece of electronic equipment.

So I thought I'd collect up some of my designs with moving parts, and dedicate a blog post just to them. Although none of these fixtures still perform their intended tasks, they're pretty fun to play with.

Cyborg Cameo Necklace
(button clicks)

Sound of Trashion Dial*
(dial twists 360°)

Switchback Pendant*
(spring-loaded switch moves)

Switch Set
(all switches move)

Steampunk Set
(arm turns and gears move)

Motor West
(wheels turn)

Spinner Ring
(top piece moves indefinitely in either direction)

Wonder Winding Spinner Ring
(winding and accents move indefinitely in either direction)

Directionless Ring
(compass moves, but isn't accurate)

Screwy Idea Pendant
(watch case opens like a locket)

Originally published at: SleeplessStoryteller